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    Title case v sentence case – when should you use capital letters?

    One of the issues that often comes up in people’s work is their use of initial capitals, mostly within headings. This depends on whether your document style is for title case or sentence case. Sentence case Sentence case means capitalising something as if it were an ordinary sentence. This means the first letter is a capital letter, as well as proper nouns, like people’s names, countries, and official job titles. Otherwise, the first letter of a word is in lower case.

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    The cost for the proofreading or editing job I do for you depends on how much work is involved. I strive to keep my rates as low and fair as possible. For an accurate quote, please send a confidential sample of the work you would like to be proofread or edited. I will give you a quote, and let you know how long it will take. Contact Why do I need to send a sample? If I just charged a set rate, I’d have to set this rate fairly high. This means that if there’s not a lot wrong with your piece, you’d be charged much more for my time.…

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    File formats

    I can work with a variety of file formats, although the easiest is Microsoft Word. If you are looking for editorial services, you will need to send your document in an RTF format, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office. If you are looking for proofreading, I can work with a wider number of formats. Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf) Microsoft Word is my preferred software for proofreading, and the vast majority of the work I do is through Word. I use tracked changes using Microsoft Word 2010 (the .docx format), but can also send it back to you as a .doc if you prefer, to maintain compatibility with earlier…