Write Right is a proofreading and editing company based in Burntisland, Scotland.

We work for a variety of clients throughout the world on projects for academic, corporate, and creative content.

Who are we?

Most of our work is done by Ari or Lizzie.

Ari is an Australian writer who has lived in Scotland for 15 years, having previously lived in the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Fiji.

Most of the work Ari has done has been with students and academics from China, Malaysia, Russia and the Middle East. Ari has a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Edinburgh Napier University.

Lizzie is a native Brit who has lived most of her life in Scotland. She has training in proofreading from Publishing Scotland.

In addition to proofreading for Write Right, she works as Editorial Development Officer for the University of Edinburgh. She has worked with academic clients and leads on work with regional councils.